COYOTE® SFMS   .. Product #: Coyote SFMS

COYOTE® SFMS (Single Fiber Management System)

The COYOTE SFMS (Single Fiber Management System) further expands the capability of the COYOTE Fiber Optics product line. The new system was designed to be compatible with all sizes of the COYOTE Dome Closure series, thus providing network planners with the ultimate flexibility to address network designs with varying degrees of customer density.

The modular system design, with options for multiple splice trays, provides the ability to expand closure capacity as customer demand increases. The benefits of PLP's patented segmented end plate design and its unique grommet sealing system, when combined with the features of the new COYOTE SFMS, provide endless opportunities to adapt to your network.

  • SFMS Closure Sizes
    • COYOTE ONE Dome Closure (406 mm x 145 mm)
    • Dome Closure 6.5" x 17" (218 mm x 453 mm)
    • Dome Closure 6.5" x 22" (218 mm x 574 mm)
    • Dome Closure 9.5" x 19" (292 mm x 509 mm)
    • Dome Closure 9.5" x 28" (292 mm x 749 mm)
    • GLC Closure 9.5" x 17" (292 mm x 453 mm)
    • GLC Closure 9.5" x 28" (292 mm x 749 mm)
  • Cable Port Quantity
    • 3 in the COYOTE ONE Dome
    • 4 in the COYOTE 6.5" Dome Closures
    • 7 in the COYOTE 9.5" Dome & GLC Closures
  • Butt/Expressed Splice configuration
  • Utilizes same silicone grommet sealing system and segmented end plate design that is found throughout the COYOTE Dome Closure family of products
  • Splice Tray Modules allow you to add splice trays without having to remove previously installed splice trays
  • Customizable - create the closure that fits your application needs

Coyote SFMS 1

Coyote SFMS 2