COYOTE® BGC    .. Product #: COYOTE BGC (Bonding and Grounding Closure)

COYOTE® BGC (Bonding and Grounding Closure)

The COYOTE BGC (Bonding & Grounding Closure) is the latest addition to the COYOTE Fiber Optics product line for your Fiber to the Home, Node, or Curb deployments.  The Closure’s compact size and versatile grommet system make this rugged closure the economical choice for your bonding and grounding applications in new or existing network designs.  The COYOTE BGC represents the maximum versatility, reliability and technical support you’ve come to expect from PLP.

  • Size: 14" L x 6.5" W x 2.4" D
  • In-Line Configuration
  • Designed for aerial, below grade, or pole/wall mount applications
  • Flame retardant designs available for vault applications
  • Internal bonding leads with double crimped compression lugs designed to ensure a reliable bonding connection
  • Two ground stud design provides ability to trouble shoot without entering closure assembly
  • Factory slit, craft friendly grommet system reduces assembly time
  • Flat shape promotes mounting in small areas
  • Captive hardware ensures quick, easy installation

   Coyote BGC