June 9, 2021

There are a ton of buzzwords and hot topics being thrown around the communications industry these days; 5G, IoT, Future Proofing, etc. However, there’s one topic that seems to be on everyone’s minds but, for some reason, doesn’t get quite as much attention: ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting).

In this informative podcast produced by ISE Magazine, PLP's Brendan O'Boyle (Western Regional Sales Manager, Communications Markets) and Jacob Palmer (Product Manager, Utility Fiber), talk about what makes ADSS unique, why it's a hot topic, and most of all, why you should care.




Brendan O'Boyle, Western Regional Sales Manager, Communications Markets

IMG 0147 CROPBrendan O’Boyle has been in the communications industry for 15 years, starting as a manufacturer’s representative in the Great Lakes region and transitioning to Preformed Line Products (PLP®) in 2013. Brendan is currently the Western regional sales manager at PLP as well as the national account manager for AT&T. He is also the committee chair for the Fiber Deployment Specialist Committee within the Fiber Broadband Association, where he focuses on workforce training and development initiatives and was project lead for the FBA’s 5G whitepaper, “The Road to 5G is Paved with Fiber.” Brendan has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies from Northern Illinois University and currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.


Jacob Palmer, Product Manager, Utility Fiber

IMG 0175 CROPJacob Palmer began his career in the utility industry as a structural and stress engineer for Babcock & Wilcox, where he focused on power generation. He joined PLP in 2016 as a product support engineer within the company’s utility distribution group. In 2018, Jacob was hand-selected to join PLP’s Innovation Team, the company’s sought-after internal product development group. During his multi-year stint in the Innovation Team, Jacob helped expand PLP’s drone-based service offering, designed new products for PLP’s electric power and communications markets, and implemented cutting-edge rapid prototyping technologies. In 2021, Jacob was promoted to Product Manager – Utility Fiber, where he oversees new product development initiatives and manages existing product lines. Jacob has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Akron and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration from John Carroll University.

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