October 22, 2020

Today’s broadband networks are an ever-changing work in progress, but the manner in which they are deployed doesn’t have to be. In this informative podcast produced by ISE Magazine, PLP's Dan Levac (National Sales Manager, Communications Markets) and Matt Becker (Market Manager, US Communications Markets), talk about the importance of future-proofing broadband networks. You'll also hear firsthand how PLP’s product design teams focus on adaptability throughout the product life cycle.




Dan Levac, National Sales Manager, Communications Markets

IMG 0147 CROPDan Levac began his career in the telecommunications industry as a Cable Splicer with Bell Canada in 1980. After cutting his teeth in the splicing trade, Dan transitioned to a career with Preformed Line Products in 1990. He began his PLP career as a Field Service Representative where he was able to utilize his decade-long experience as a cable splicer to provide exceptional training, troubleshooting, and customer service to PLP’s end users. Dan was quickly promoted to Field Sales Representative in 1991 where he was responsible for sales and product support for the five-state region of IN, IL, MI, OH, and WI. He was promoted to Western Regional Manager in 1998 and to National Sales Manager, Communications Markets in 2017 where he is responsible for implementing PLP’s national sales strategy.

Dan also has extensive international sales experience, helping to grow PLP’s Communications market abroad. In addition to his impressive sales and product support career, Dan is also focused on developing new products for the communications industry and currently shares three patents for OSP products developed by PLP.


Matt Becker, Market Manager, U.S. Communications Markets

IMG 0175 CROPMatt Becker began his career in the telecommunications industry in 2012 as a Technical Support Engineer in PLP’s R&E department. Utilizing 3D modeling software, Matt was responsible for creating parts for sealing gaskets and componentry, internal fiber optic management, storing and routing componentry, fiber optic cable management hardware, bonding and grounding hardware, and mounting hardware. Additionally, he was also responsible for several cost reduction efforts, supplier qualifications, and troubleshooting on a manufacturing level. In 2015, Matt was promoted to Product Marketing Engineer where he focused on new product development projects for PLP’s telecommunications market; taking formal stage-gate process projects from cradle to grave and serving as a liaison between PLP’s Technical Marketing and R&E departments.

In 2017, Matt was promoted to Product Manager, Communications, where he was charged with developing and marketing new products for OSP, including splice closures, splice trays and blocks, routing and fiber storage, cable retention hardware, sealing gaskets and componentry, and mounting hardware. In 2019, Matt was once again promoted to Market Manager, U.S. Communications, where his product management duties remained, but he is also now responsible for U.S. customer support for RFI, RFP, and RFQ documents, product life cycle and obsolescence, and P/L statements. Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University and a Master of Business Administration from John Carroll University.

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