nata_logoPreformed Line Products (Australia) prides itself on its in-house, NATA accredited test laboratory, for the mechanical testing of overhead power line fittings. PLP regularly upgrades and replaces test equipment to retain leadership in this area of expertise.

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Mechanical Testing

- Dimensional Tests
- Mechanical Test - Tensile and Compression
- Mechanical Endurance Tests
- Cyclic Thermal Test
- Ultrasonic Tests
- Material Structure Analysis
- Hardness Tests
- Vibration Analysis
- Porosity Tests
- Application Orientated Endurance Tests
- Galvanising Thickness Measurement
- Thermal Shock
- Thermal Endurance
- Charpy Compliance
- Material Spectral Analysis


Electrical Testing

- Short Circuit Tests
- Magnetic Power Loss Tests
- Joint Analysis
- Environmental Electrical Tests
- Heat Cycle Tests


NATA Testing