The electrical power and communications industries turn to PLP for innovative product and service solutions for supporting, protecting, terminating, and splicing power transmission and distribution lines. Our comprehensive product range includes distribution power line fittings and accessories, transmission power line fittings, substation products including disconnectors and switches, distribution transformers and a wide variety of ceramic and polymer insulators.



Fittings for bare and insulated overhead and underground systems, transformers and insulators in the power distribution and rail networks. Learn more.



Line hardware, conductor, OPGW, TACSR/AC conductor and accessories to the HV and EHV Transmission Grid, up to and including 500kV. Learn more.



Full turnkey, integrated substation bus systems, quality high voltage hardware and fittings into the substation system supply. Learn more.



The AEM type High Voltage (HV) Double Break Disconnectors are designed for outdoor transmission substation isolation duty in power transmission networks. Learn more.



PLP supplies a range of underground products and accessories for the Energy and Telecommunication industries. The products include turrets, bases, panels and connection pits. Learn more.