Transmission Line Hardware

Preformed transmission line hardware is made to last. It’s thoroughly tested, and backed by top-of-the-line customer support. Find the right piece of hardware for your needs by browsing the catalog sections below or calling us at (440) 461-5200.

General Transmission Hardware Information

Learn the basics of energy transmission technology, including types of conductors, strands, helical rods, dead-ends, aeolian vibration and industry terminology.  


Transmission Suspension and Support

CUSHION-GRIP®, ARMOR-GRIP® AND THERMOLIGN® suspension and support hardware for conductor systems are easy to install, since they come pre-assembled, and offer maximum support.



THERMOLIGN dead-end conductor hardware is simple and quick to install, with no compression press, dies or bolted electrical connections required.  


Transmission Splices

Browse our selection of THERMOLIGN®, splice conductor and ACSR full-tension restorative repair splices to find the correct splice for your needs.  


Compression Dead-End Hardware

Browse two stage compression dead-ends, splice assembly, jumper terminal, steel eye and PAD dimensions for ACSR conductors.  


Transmission Spacers and Spacer Dampers

Browse our selection of CUSHION-GRIP®, twin, tri, quad and hex bundle spacers and dampers.  


Transmission Motion Control

Vibration dampers and air flow spoilers from Preformed offer motion control protection for a broad range of wind induced Aeolian vibration.


Transmission Guying

Big-Grip and VARI-GRIP™ dead-ends are strong and compatible with many different types of guyed strand tower and antenna structures. Click the catalog for specifications.  


Transmission Line String Hardware

We offer a wide selection of clevis eyes, yoke plates, hot line links and more. Find the right piece of hardware for your needs.


Transmission Line Repair Products

Preformed transmission line repair products make it easy to repair damaged or broken line conductors, overhead shield wires and optical ground wires. Browse our repair rods, splice shunts and more.  


Transmission Wildlife Protection

Protect transmission lines from wildlife damage with bird flight diverters and perch deterrents.


Product Selection Charts

Find the right conductor or strand for your needs with our transmission product selection resource.  

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