Preformed Line Products (PLP)

PLP Australia is part of the global PLP group of companies operating on every continent. PLP has 12 strategically located subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. As a corporation PLP has global sales of US$ 450 million, 2800 employees and is listed on the NASDAQ under the name PLPC. Our global headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Since the manufacture of PLP products began in Australia in 1963, PLP Australia has established a reputation for excellent customer service; meeting customer needs on multiple levels. Product quality, engineering expertise, customer service and on time delivery are some of our key strengths.

About PLP Australia

PLP Australia’s operation incorporates in-house manufacturing, engineering, testing, sales and administration.   The modern manufacturing facility in the Sydney suburb of Glendenning includes capacity for wire forming, forging, casting, plastic moulding and extrusion, sheet metal work and powder coating.

The manufacturing facility is supported by a modern tool room, which includes the latest in CNC vertical machining linked directly to engineering. In 2005, this facility grew by 3,150 square metres with the factory and warehouse expansion – growth that included the installation of a $500,000 powder coating facility. Total floor area at Glendenning now exceeds 10,000 square metres.

The recent addition of new machinery such as the latest in CNC machining centres and modern turret punches is an example of our focus on growth and the expansion of our general manufacturing capabilities.

PLP is highly competitive across all product ranges as evidenced by the wide variety of products sold for both period contracts and projects. In addition, the wide variety of products available from PLP makes it difficult for competitors to provide such comprehensive line hardware solutions available on one purchase order. To put it simply, at PLP we have the edge on our competitors.

Apart from sourcing a variety of products from other PLP subsidiaries, in particular those in the Asian region, PLP Australia also sells products from other manufacturers.

For instance, PLP Australia is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of distribution transformers from Vijai Electricals, a large transformer manufacturer based in Hyderabad, India. PLP Australia also imports and distributes a wide range of ceramic, and polymer insulators from manufacturers based in India, China, and Korea. These products are complimentary to PLP’s traditional range of products as they are often located in and around PLP fittings.

PLP has for many years bought and imported PLP products from other PLP sites to compliment the Australian manufactured range and enhance the total product offering to our customers.

To continue to do this, PLP Australia requires competitively priced, high quality products, delivered as promised and with the correct documentation to ensure fast and efficient administrative processing. With regular communications along the enquiry to delivery process, all PLP subsidiaries will gain advantage and grow their businesses.

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